3 November 2022
Turn your most ambitious ideas into a business
Do you want to offer subscriptions and get paid in crypto? Read on!
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This is a demo created by Suberra to show you how recurring crypto payments could work for your business. Suberra is a payments platform to help you accept one-time or recurring crypto payments from your customers easily.
Are you a content creator or running a subscription business? Whether you are writing a newsletter, building a software or creating video content, we know creating content and building a good product can be a lot of work. You might already be monetising it, but what if you could get an additional recurring income stream. With Suberra, you can offer subscriptions paid in crypto and gain more subscribers. Why limit subscribers to only credit card payments?
To find out how to take your business to the next level, subscribe to our demo for free to test how it works.
Why is this a game-changer?
If you are trying to get your subscribers to pay your monthly subscriptions in crypto, you might know that it is not exactly the easiest and user-friendly process. What most people do is to send a monthly email to remind subscribers to send them payments. It does not offer the convenience like charging it to your subscriber’s credit card and having the payment deducted automatically from their account.
By integrating with Suberra, you will be able to get the same level of convenience by having the token amount deducted automatically from your subscriber’s wallet. Your subscribers will only need to sign a transaction once to allow us to deduct the subscription amount (e.g. 50 USDC) for the subscription interval (e.g. monthly) automatically. Read our docs and deep dive into how this works.
Suberra’s mission is to enable the secure and seamless movement of money in an open financial system for the world. We build great products to make it easier for you to collect payments for your business so you can continue doing what you love without worrying about your bills. Isn’t that awesome?
Offering crypto subscriptions could give you an additional recurring income stream and in exchange, you can focus on creating exclusive content and experiences to build meaningful connections with your most engaged audience.
Are you ready to start offering crypto subscriptions? Join here and we will be in touch!
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